Suresite partnership with TSG UK aims to provide a ‘safer choice’ for forecourts

With customers continuing to refrain from using cash, retailers are under increasing pressure to ensure that sensitive customer payment data is stored safely and securely.

Recognising this, forecourt retail specialist Suresite Group has partnered with leading equipment and service provider for the forecourt sector, TSG UK, to offer its forecourt retail customers PCI approved point-to-point encryption (P2PE) terminals.

Suresite believes the new P2PE terminals will offer a safer choice for fuel forecourts, offering both bank and fuel cards payment processing, with customers’ sensitive data captured and encrypted before it enters the computer network.

In addition, the terminals will also reduce the paperwork and potential costs associated with PCI DSS compliance which can be a time-consuming and complex task for retailers to undertake – particularly with the additional risk of incurring hefty fines ranging from £4,000 – £8,000 per month if retailers are found not PCI compliant.

Suresite says its partnership with TSG will enable the company to offer a one-stop shop for hardware, software, installation and customer support, providing a range of simple, affordable and secure payment solutions to its forecourt retail customers.

Nick Horne, sales and commercial director at Suresite, says that whatever the payment processing issue a customer is experiencing, whether it be with the acquirer, reconciliation or payment terminal, Suresite will take ownership of the issue and work with the relevant parties to resolve it. That means customers no longer have to deal with multiple suppliers to get to the root cause of the problem.

He said: “We are excited to be partnering with TSG UK to bring a new P2PE enabled device to the market. We have always prided ourselves on first-class customer service and this is another step forward as we continually improve our products and service for customers. This partnership will see us positioned as offering a one-stop payment solution by providing hardware as well as our traditional card acquiring solutions.

“We are pleased to be able to bring this exciting new product to the market and can’t wait to introduce it to our customers and prospects in the coming weeks and months”.

Steve Watts, sales director at TSG UK said: “The alliance between TSG UK and Suresite will further enhance TSG’s already strong offering in secure payment solutions for retail forecourts.

“Suresite’s vast experience in payment processing, backed up by unparalleled customer service, ensures total satisfaction for operators across the UK. We are delighted to partner with Suresite to provide this highly-secure payment solution to our extensive customer base.”

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