Suresite Connex

Streamline your business and keep pace with the competition

Suresite Connex is a single marketplace of smart, integrated retail business services that help simplify your business, boost efficiency and give you the competitive edge. Using latest technology, Suresite Connex brings together the services you need for your business to thrive, all from a partner you can trust.

• Multiple products to browse and manage all in one place
• Streamline supplier management and work with one trusted partner
• Grow your business with value-driving and business-simplifying products
• User friendly interface, with step-by-step instructional videos

Choice and flexibility

A growing range of products to help your retail business fly – everything you need and nothing you don’t.

Easy online management

One single marketplace to browse and manage your products, saving time and simplifying your business.

Discover new opportunities

Data and technology led products to discover new ways to optimise your revenues and growth.

More products available on our Suresite Connex marketplace


The smarter way for forecourts to manage fuel usage, compliance, and safety, with real time fuel loss alerts and data monitoring for continuous availability.


Nurture the confidence, competence, and commitment of your employees with our vast range of training and development programmes, off and online.

Health & Safety

Health & safety Let us take care of your H&S obligations with tailored HSE audits that keep the environment, your employees, and your customers safe.

Suresite Payments

Flexible payments solutions shaped around your business. Online or in person, we support all payment types including contactless, mobile and over the phone.

Online shopping

Grow your business and keep up with the competition by offering online shopping to your customers.

Business performance insights

If you need extra support with your back-office admin tasks, then let us know. From bookkeeping to data input, we’ll do our very best to assist.