Powerful fuel management

Protecting your fuel from theft, delivery shortages and leaks is key to optimising your fuel management. Suresite Wetstock is a real time fuel monitoring system, meaning your fuel is accurately analysed from delivery to purchase, 24/7, 365 days a year.

• Monitoring over 35,000 tank systems globally
• US EPA certified to +/-9ltr and +/-18 ltr per day
• ISO9001:2015 certified as method of leak detection & fuel monitoring

Real time reporting to the second

Live alerts and data insights continuously available, all accessed via Suresite Connex, our online marketplace for retail business products.

Cutting edge technology

Our unique Guardian device represents leading technology at the most competitive price, with the flexibility to go deviceless with a software only option.

Protecting our world

With very real and growing challenges for our environment, Suresite Wetstock can potentially reduce adverse impacts to your local communities and the environment in general.

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