Making payments easy, keeping them safe

Orion Payment Terminal

With the introduction of our Orion terminal, we can now offer a full suite of payment services. Our terminals use leading technology, and are continually monitored to proactively check functionality, highlighting potential issues and triggering online resolution – sometimes before an issue has even been noticed at the site.
We’re a one-stop shop for hardware, software, installation, and customer support.

• Available in two models Orion/p (integrated terminal) and Orion/s (standalone terminal)
• Accepts all major credit, debit and fuel cards
• Highly secured solution – provides point-to-point encryption (P2PE) and complies with the payment card industries data security standard (PCI DSS)

Standalone Terminal – Orion / S

  • A robust, standalone all-in-one combined unit that enables seamless transactions to be executed
  • Includes an onboard receipt printer whose receipt header and footer can be managed using the cloud platform – ONE Portal

Integrated Terminal – Orion / P

  • An electronic payment system (EPS) that is connected to the site’s point-of-sale (POS) via the international forecourt standards forum (IFSF) POS2EPS interface
  • Boasts a full-colour touchscreen with scratch resistant glass that has been angled for ease of use. The tactile keypad and brand new, multi-language interface complete the package
  • Engineered for consummate customer interaction and will provide many years of first-class service to site owners


  • We have partnered with leading fuel and retail service provider TSG to enhance our payments service offering
  • TSG’s experienced 1,800 strong servicing team on the ground, will be available 24/7 to ensure any issues are dealt with as efficiently as possible
  • Our own customer service team answer 97% of calls in 15 seconds from our UK call centre, providing peace of mind that your crucial payment facilities will remain operational

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