Suresite discuss the importance of a good wetstock management system with live data

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Suresite discusses the importance of live data

Rising fuel prices renders great wet-stock management more important than ever for a number of reasons, says Dan Gibson, wet-stock manager at Suresite Group.

“The simplest reason is that any loss will now cost the business nearly twice as much. During the first lockdown in 2020, the price of fuel was £1/litre and today, the price is closer to £2/litre. An underlying loss of even 0.1% could cost a single-site operator thousands of pounds a year, and for far larger retailers with multiple sites this could now be in the millions. Wet-stock management can help retailers of all sizes to mitigate and prevent fuel loss or theft. “

He says best practice is a truly, real-time wet-stock management service that can provide a full picture of site operation as it happens, including flow rates, sales, deliveries and fuel levels.

“Live data can help retailers to identify the busiest pumps, and those that are underused; which fuel should be sold on the forecourt and from which pumps; and to pick up on changes in the tank system that can be slow to develop over time.

“For example, at Suresite, we are able to send alerts to fuel retailers if a petrol nozzle isn’t used by a customer for more than two hours (between business hours of 6am-10pm).

“Having truly live data available means that any potential problems with this nozzle – which may be preventing customers from using it – can be identified the same working day, investigated and

dealt with.

“If this information were not able to be viewed in real-time, then the problem may not be identified until the next working day – by which point the retailer has already lost a day’s sales from that particular pump,” continues Gibson.

“Historically, wet-stock performance has been difficult to monitor and track, but at Suresite, retailers can access their wet-stock data remotely from any location via a cloud-based platform.”


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