Introducing Suresite Connex to our customers and FAQs

Since 1994, helping customers succeed and grow has always been our priority and the launch of Suresite Connex represents a big transformation in how we can better meet the needs of our retail customers today and in the future.

We understand the pressures of running a business in an everchanging world and how hard it can be to keep pace with the competition. To make things easier for our customers we have harnessed all our technology and data know-how into creating one online marketplace called Suresite Connex. Available to customers now, it’s a carefully curated collection of retail business products – the existing products that our customers know and love today, plus, some exciting new ones to help drive more value and streamline business operations.

A unique range of retail business products

Through Suresite Connex, our customers can access the technology, information, and choice they need to understand and capitalise on their opportunities, all in one place, and all from one partner they can trust. Here’s what’s available now through the Suresite Connex marketplace with products being added all the time:

    • Card services
      Flexible payments solutions to suit every business type. Online or in person, we support all payment methods including contactless, mobile and over the phone.
    • Wetstock
      The smarter way for forecourts to manage fuel usage, stock, and compliance, with real time fuel loss alerts and data monitoring for continuous availability.
    • Health & safety
      Suresite can take care of all H&S obligations with tailored HSE audits that keep the environment, employees, and customers safe.
    • Training
      Nurture the confidence, competence, and commitment of employees with our vast range of training and development programmes, off and online.
    • Helpdesk
      Seamless contact with Suresite Customer Services by email or Live Chat, with transparent enquiry tracking of status and response.
    • NEW
      Online shopping
      A new Suresite partner offer that makes it easy for retail businesses to offer online shopping to customers, either as click & collect or scheduled home delivery.
      Business Performance Insights
      Payment data analysis for Suresite Card Services customers to discover actionable insights to optimise their business revenues and growth.

    Suresite customers are invited to join Suresite Connex

    The marketplace is now open! Depending on the Suresite products already used determines the best way to sign in to Suresite Connex:

    Existing Wetstock and Health & safety customers

    The existing portal log used for these products can be used to sign in to Suresite Connex.

    Existing Card services customers

    These customers can continue to manage their Card services account via the existing web portal for the next few weeks. If they would prefer to move to Suresite Connex sooner, they can request a Suresite Connex login from Customer Services.

    Need a new login?

    If neither of the above scenarios apply to a customer, they can request a Suresite Connex login from Customer Services adding the following information:

    • Own name
    • Company name
    • Site name (if applicable)
    • Email address

    Suresite Connex represents a huge transformation in how Suresite works with retail businesses, and more importantly, how they use technology and data to drive newly found value and opportunity for everyone they work with. Find out more by contacting

    Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

    1. Will I need a new login for Suresite Connex?
    From 31 January, if you are an existing web portal user for our Health & Safety and Wetstock products, your existing login credentials can be used to access Suresite Connex.

    If you are an existing web portal user for our Card Services product, you can continue to use the existing web portal with your existing login credentials. However, if you can’t wait to try out Suresite Connex, please get in touch with our Customer Services and we’ll get you set up in Suresite Connex from 31 January.

    Note: We will be in touch again to let you know of further changes to the existing Cards Services web portal when it transfers to Suresite Connex.

    2. What should I do if I’ve forgotten my existing login username and password?
    No problem! From the Suresite Connex log in page you’ll find a ‘Forgot your password?” link. Just click enter your email address and we’ll send you an email with a link to reset your password.

    3. What’s changed since 31 January?
    Logging in to Suresite Connex will look and feel quite different – in a good way! The easy navigation makes it easy to find and access new and existing products:

    • Manage existing products and associated reports.
    • Browse new products to optimise your business.
    • Helpdesk for online support.
    • Coming soon, two more new products… Business Performance Insights is our new payments data driven product giving you access to deeper insights about your customers, your business, and your opportunities. Admin Services will be launched in our next release, more details to follow.

Here’s the new log in screen you’ll see when you log in to Suresite Connex:

And here’s the Suresite Connex home page you’ll see once you’ve logged in:

4. Will I have access to the same reports and information I have access to today?
Coming soon, two more new products…Business Performance Insights is our new payments data driven product giving you access to deeper insights about your customers, your business, and your opportunities. Admin Services will be launched in our next release, more details to follow.

5. Can I add new user accounts to Suresite Connex?
Yes, we look forward to welcoming them to the Suresite Connex family!
You can have as many Suresite Connex accounts as you need, our only requirement is that each account has a unique email address. Just contact Customer Services and they’ll arrange it for you.

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