Card services

How do I start the process of applying to take cards through Suresite?

At Suresite Card Services we attempt to make our site setup process as simple as possible. Should you decide to go ahead, our administration team will complete all of the agreements and contracts for your site on your behalf.

Do I have to complete lots of paperwork to Join the Suresite card services scheme?

Within approximately one week of receiving your completed registration form at the office you will receive a completed contract pack. Enclosed in this pack will be copies of all the agreements / mandates requiring signature. We would ask that you review these documents and once you are happy, sign and date.

Upon receipt of these agreements at the office, the administration team will work with our scheme suppliers to ensure that your site is setup and operational as soon as possible.

Health and Safety

When do I require a Vapour Recovery Stage II?

Currently, all sites retailing over 3.5 million litres of gasoline must have Stage 2 VR installed.

What is the frequency of interceptor cleaning for which I should contract?

12 monthly and as required. However, check your conditions of licence to ensure no special conditions have been applied.

Does the risk assessment cover the Fire Safety Order Risk Assessment For Small Business Premises?


What is the difference between a compliance audit and a risk assessment?

A compliance audit is industry relevant. The audit verifies all required documentation is completed within the Site Register and includes a walk-round Health & Safety Audit. We currently provide audits for various businesses, however we are able to compile bespoke audits to suit your regulatory needs where required.

Risk Assessments are a detailed assessment of the risk to the health and safety of your employees, visitors and customers. All relevant hazards & risks are identified and recommendations made to ensure compliance with legislation Different industries and premises call for different assessments and this is when Suresite comes into their own, as an experienced provider we are able to amend our modules so that your business benefits from complete coverage.

What will your risk assessment provide me with?

In addition to the peace of mind that your business is conducting itself safely you will receive an action plan within 48 hours of our visit. Our action plan will prioritise your next steps to a safer business. We will also enable you and your teams to update your action plan with progress made this will enable you to manage improvements.

Other reports will also be available that will enable you to view trends across multiple sites and amend your processes accordingly.

How can I print off additional documents for my Suresite manuals?

Suresite will provide your company with relevant record keeping documents including a Health and Safety Manual and/or a Site Register. Additional inserts for these manuals can be printed/downloaded free of charge to customers through your individual log in to our website.

How much will a risk assessment cost my business?

Our Risk Assessments are divided in to modules to ensure you purchase only the elements applicable to your business use. Costs are available by contacting the Suresite team on 01772 790901.

The question should be What is the cost of not completing a Risk Assessment?! and the answer is then much higher, possibly even the cost of a human life!

How often should my premises be risk assessed?

We recommend that you Risk Assess your surrounding area constantly. Small changes can happen overnight with huge consequences. Suresite would normally provide a very in depth Initial Risk Assessment with reviews completed in the second and third year. As many premises will have altered there use or employee teams in this time we recommend an Initial Risk Assessment be completed again in the fourth year.

If there has been any significant change in your premises including changes in employees, it is recommended that a Risk Assessment is carried out at the earliest convenience.


Our Training team have helpfully answered some our most frequently asked questions regarding our Online Training Service. More information can be found at our Training page but here is a quick guide to some common questions we receive from our customers:

What courses are available?

We currently have Safety First on the Forecourt, Competent Persons and Age Related Sales – something to suit a variety of your forecourt training needs.

What equipment/software will I need to access the training?

Just a PC or laptop with access to the internet is all that is required – no lengthy software downloads are necessary. Our training is accessed via our web portal, meaning training is easily accessible 24/7 whether at home or at work. You will also need a webcam available for the assessment – this ensures authenticity by adding a picture to your certificate(s).

How long will it take to complete the training?

This is very dependent on the particular module and, of course, each individual trainee, but we’d estimate it takes on average 2-3 hours total study time, with 20 minutes for the assessment. However, it is important to remember that this can be worked through at the trainee’s own individual pace and, crucially, the trainee can stop at any time and pick up where they left off with the click of the mouse.

How will I know I have passed?

Each course has a required pass rate of 85%. If you do not reach this, you will be informed of what pass mark you reached and can re-try the assessment as many times as required. Upon completion, your certificate(s) will be emailed to you by the administration team as soon as possible.

As a manager can I see how my team have progressed?

As part of the training package we provide a pre-selected training manager access to the Results Portal, which gives a complete overview of progress being made by all trainees. From there, you can see how far they have got with each course and see which questions they answered correctly on the checkpoint quizzes and their final assessment. For example, a trainee may be very close to the 85% pass mark, and on inspection in the results portal, discover the question that resulted in a fail. With appropriate coaching with the trainee, this question can be ‘marked up’ to allow the trainee to achieve a pass mark without having to complete the whole assessment again. As you can see, the portal provides comprehensive managing features to get the most out of your Suresite Online Training.

How much are the courses and how can I pay?

All courses are just £25.00 per course per trainee. Upon raising an invoice for your requested training modules, we can take payment via Debit or Credit card directly over the phone, but we also accept direct BACS payment.

Will I be reminded when to refresh my learning?

Depending on the course, we will remind you when it’s time to refresh your learning. This is subject to legislation changes and we may advise refresher training sooner than these suggested timescales.

How quickly can I get access to course content?

We can arrange for access within just a few hours on receipt of payment.

Current refresher timescales: Competent Person 3 years, Safety on the Forecourt and Age Related Sales: 1 Year

Do you have an additional question? Want to enquire further? Email, or call the office on 01772 790901 today and ask for the training team.