What is wetstock management?

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Wetstock management helps you to detect fuel losses from leaks, theft or delivery shortages, spot maintenance issues early saving you money and future proof against changes in compliance requirements.

In the past, wetstock management could have been as simple as reconciling weekly fuel levels with deliveries and sales.  Following the introduction of DSEAR Regulations, site operators bear more responsibility to protect the environment, their employees and all visitors.

With the existence of the “polluter pays” policy, it is more important than ever that a site operator employs the services of professionals to help manage their wetstock.

Unlike traditional wetstock analysis, Suresite Wetstock is a truly live solution, sending data continuously from your site every minute, every hour of the day.

This allows constant monitoring of all the elements of wetstock, including pump flow rates, delivery validation and the implementation of data derived alerts, alongside tank gauge alarms – all on one intelligent web portal platform.

What makes us different?

We partner with EMS (Environmental Monitoring Solutions), a global independent wetstock provider Enabling Suresite to offer an inhouse wetstock provision for sites in the UK and Ireland.

Continuous data

We are the only wetstock supplier in the UK to continually stream data and reconcile it as its received.

Leading technology

Using leading technology we have data collection solutions to meet every need.  Deviceless, software only and our unique Guardian device, allows us to be highly adaptable and cost effective when it comes to installation.

Secure data

Our data collection experience spans over two decades and with this knowledge we are able to process very large amounts of data both securely and efficiently.

Supporting partners

We have relationship with many of the key equipment suppliers and maintenance providers that allows Suresite to offer a full range of services.  Working with major fuel suppliers has also allowed us to build relationships and pass on savings to customers.

Truly independent

We are the only UK wetstock monitoring company not owned by a supplier of forecourt equipment or maintenance provision, which means we can provide unbiased reporting on the performance of the equipment at your site.

Monitor contractors

With real-time reporting, Suresite can assist in the monitoring of contractor service level agreements.

Customer portal

Our customer portal provides instant access to a wide variety of reports and data. Existing customers can access the portal here.

Updates and changes to our customer portal can be viewed here on our change log.

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