Wetstock Service Levels


The Realtime service level is just that, a truly real time solution, sending data continuously from your site every minute of every hour every day. It provides all the benefits of a wetstock system with arrange of added features to achieve the optimum level of site safety, performance and profitability.

The Realtime Reporting Suite includes:


Meeting the ‘Bluebook’ requirements for wetstock monitoring whilst taking advantage of our automated data collection capability. Compliance+ is an ideal solution for sites starting out with wetstock management. Data is collected using our Guardian data collection device and reporting, including SIR Compliance, is available on our web portal.

The Compliance+ Reporting Suite includes:


A ‘Bluebook’ complaint service level for sites with manual dipsticks. The Compliance level service allows sites to enter data directly into our web portal ready for analysis.

The Compliance Reporting Suite includes:

If you would like any further information please contact the Suresite Wetstock team.