Fuel Management Systems

Fuel management

Statistical inventory reconciliation analysis or SIR is a form of wetstock monitoring that when combined with real time data analysis offers a real time fuel management solution that is capable of identifying a fuel leak of nine litres per day.

Fuel leak detection

A fuel management solution such as SIRA wetstock monitoring will enable a much faster fuel leak detection rate opposed to traditional self-managed techniques as live data can be received for multiple times per minute meaning any large variances in fuel will be investigated straight away. This coupled with an out of hour on call provision will ensure that any fuel management alarms are responded to and dealt with in a timely fashion without having periods of time where issues are left undiscovered like evening and weekends.

Protect your biggest asset

For many fuel installations the cost of fuel may well be one of the highest costs to the business and being able to control this asset is an essential requirement. This can be achieved for tanks that have either an ATG or a dipstick. The ability to detect theft, fraud, short delivery, stock reconciliation and even assist with managing your carbon footprint can all be accomplished.

The APEA’s design, construction, modification, maintenance and decommissioning of filling stations as referred to throughout the industry as the blue book says that a third party Wetstock monitoring system is now a fundamental requirement for sites with a single skinned tanks and pipework. This is advice that has been designed with the interest of site operators to help them avoid the huge environmental remediation costs that a potential leak would cause and also offers them a solution to demonstrate their sites compliance within the law.

As well as offering overall compliance and a Realtime accounting solution of stock through seasonal trends, a third party wetstock monitoring system will also allow the control of deliveries to be sent to site remotely with out the need to place an order. This is commonly known as order free delivery (OFD) where tank dip information is regularly sent to a fuel supplier to order fuel deliveries on your behalf and is one of the many benefits of a fuel management system.

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