Fuel Inventory

Fuel inventory and liquid stock control

We can help you to protect your fuel with our inventory management solution. Controlling your liquid stock will bring you many benefits, here’s three main considerations.

1. Make you money

A wetstock management tool is designed to protect your liquid stock by providing key information to allow stocks to be operated from tank bottom reducing the volume of fuel held on site, often resulting in a one-off financial saving as the fuel ordering process is optimised.

Where the fuel supplier orders the fuel for site, commonly referred to as Order Free Delivery (OFD) or Vendor Managed Deliveries (VMI) tank dip information is routinely required every few minutes. Being able to supply and maintain this feed is one of the tasks a real-time monitoring system can complete.

2. Save you money

Looking beyond forecourts that are manned and operated 24/7, there are thousands of bulk fuel tanks on non-24hr sites, HGV diesel tanks, back-up generators and heating oil tanks that are left unmonitored overnight and at weekends. Thefts from these types of tanks are on the increase and as the price of fuel continues to rise will only increase, and it is often only at the point the fuel is needed that the theft is spotted. Real-time monitoring is continuous and through the implementation of the Wetstock Live data driven alerts thefts and sudden loss can be flagged with alerts raised, using even a basic ATG.

Non-24hr forecourts and sites with more advanced gauges can also benefit from alarm monitoring services which can provide additional monitoring and control. Detecting overfills and reconciling the fuel purchase and usages I can provide inventory control to keep costs under control.

For many fuel installations the cost of fuel may well be one of the highest costs to the business and being able to control this asset is an essential requirement. This can be achieved for tanks that have either an ATG or a dipstick. The ability to detect theft, fraud, short delivery, stock reconciliation and even assist with managing your carbon footprint can all be accomplished.

3. Keep you legal

For single skin tanks and lines there is the need to implement a 3rd party wetstock solution as part of the legal compliance requirements. The management of fuel can be achieved for either a manually dipped or ATG equipped site. Suresite offers a range of services to suit any installation type.

For more information on fuel inventory control don’t hesitate to get in touch.