Age related sales training

Working within the retail industry presents a real challenge when children and young people are attempting to purchase or access age restricted products or services.

Staff training is an essential element of establishing a system of due diligence to prevent under age sales. It may also help you to avoid prosecution or licensing sanctions should a member of staff fail a test purchase.

There is a wide range of offences for retailers for which age restrictions apply and it is vital that you keep up to date with the range of products and services you provide.

YOU are the front line to preventing under age sales.

In order to help you prevent under age sales and protect your business we provide a broad range of courses aimed at all staff involved in selling or providing age restricted goods or services.

Our courses are suitable for a wide range of businesses. Download ourĀ table to find the best course for your business.

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Our Award in Preventing Under Age Sales for Retail & Licensed Premises is a nationally recognised qualification in preventing under age sales.

Awarded by edexcel; the UKs largest awarding body, it is an accredited BTEC level 2 Unit Credit.

The award has two knowledge outcomes

At the end of the course your staff will understand

Each learner completes a workbook followed by a short (16 question) multiple choice test under controlled conditions.

The completed workbook and test paper are then returned to us for assessment. You will then be notified of the result and if successful the certificate of achievement is issued.

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