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The Suresite Retail Risk Assessment

Retailers have a duty to ensure that their environment is safe and secure. A Suresite Retail Risk Assessment is a great way to protect your employees and customers, to minimise your risks and meet HSE requirements.

As a trusted and responsible retailer who is committed to the safety and wellbeing of others, you are far more likely to attract returning loyal customers who will speak positively to others about your business.

Key benefits:

Experts in Health & Safety

We have been carrying out Health & Safety risk assessments across the UK and Ireland for over 27 years, and we can take care of yours too. The risk assessment is specifically adapted to suit retail businesses, but in keeping with the Suresite way, it is also flexible to your unique needs. If there is something you would like to change we are always happy to review and propose a solution.

Save time, stay safe

Knowing that your Health & Safety obligations are taken care of can feel like a massive weight has been lifted - for relatively little cost. Our Retail Risk Assessment programme has a minimum contract period of 36 months and costs £350 per year, per site. This includes three annual assessments to help guide you in achieving and maintaining compliance.

Assessment areas:


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