Site inspections

Our site inspections are delivered by trained professionals with considerable experience in their relevant fields.

We have considerable experience within the petroleum sector and we ensure that the best practices of the APEA ‘Blue Book’, a recognised industry standard, are adhered to and that there are no disruptions to your trading abilities.

We will visit your chosen sites on a six-monthly program and assess the record keeping on site. We will make a note of all your current licences, service records and certificates to ensure accuracy.

A key issue that prevents operation on a Petrol Forecourt is the incorrect recording of certification. This includes the certificate being provided by an inappropriately qualified service operator.

We will assess the provision for fuel deliveries and the ability for staff to accept and process deliveries competently. This includes the safety and security of all procedures involved from delivery to dispensing.

Housekeeping and visibility are assessed, including lighting provision and safety of staff, contractors and customers whilst on site.

We pay particular attention to incident control and the signage required to ensure safety on site. We also have additional checks in place for the operation of unattended sites.

Please contact us for further information and an indication of costs.