Risk assessments

It is a legal requirement for any business with five employees or more (including the owner) to conduct and regularly review a site risk assessment.

Legally, all licensed premises are required to have a ‘written and regularly reviewed’ Risk Assessment, and it is good practise for any business to undertake an annual assessment. This is often missed, or ignored, due to a lack of understanding, even though the fines and prosecutions for non-compliance can be significant, and easily in to the thousands of pounds.

We will provide you with detailed, modular risk assessments and dedicated compliance audits to help you to reach and maintain, compliance for your business.

Our Risk Assessments include a comprehensive action plan, supported with photographs taken during the assessment.

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We have developed a modular approach to our assessments to ensure we cover as many aspects as possible in an effective and cost-efficient manner. These include general, fire, DSEAR, carwash, workplace and workshops.

Customer portal

Manage your business effectively with our online customer portal.
Our online Health and Safety customer portal is designed to help you to manage your business effectively.

The portal will enable you to update and view report action plans, access our document library and be alerted to your next inspection date.