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Telephone Sales Potential Fraud – Beware!

21 November 2014

We would like to bring to your attention a dramatic increase during this year of attempted fraud through phone sales or Customer Not Present (CNP) sales.

These sales often involve high value items such as tyres, parts, or car sales. The scenario is:

• Customer rings up and attempts to purchase goods of high value.

• Offers card payment over the phone.

• Tells the retailer a taxi or third party will pick up the goods.

• The customer is requested to attend site with the payment card and the customer no longer wants the goods.

Because the customer and card have not been seen by the retailer this would have been a Non Secure transaction, all non Chip and PIN transactions are Non Secure and are potentially subject to Chargeback. If it is subject to Chargeback the card payment will be reversed at a later date, therefore the goods will not have been paid for.

A secure transaction is when the card holder is present and the card is accepted using Chip and PIN at your terminal. If you need to take a deposit over the phone, always complete the full transaction using Chip and PIN, and refund the deposit, when the customer arrives to collect the goods.

Barclaycard Procedures for accepting and processing transactions are detailed in the user guide supplied with your welcome pack. If you are in any doubt please contact Suresite or the Barclays helpline 0844 811 8666.

The Barclaycard Procedure guide is available at:

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