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How important is IT resource in achieving your business goals?

09 July 2018

One of the key cornerstones of any business, big or small, is the IT department. It’s here where granular actions are put in motion whose effects are felt across the wider business, and flaws are ironed out to help keep the wheels of commerce turning.

From a business point of view, developing sound IT infrastructure is absolutely vital to your success and development. But how exactly do you, as a small business leader, strategize your IT functions to make sure they’re aligned with your overall business goals and plan?

Someone who knows a thing or two about developing IT functions is Andrew Mitchell, the IT manager here at Suresite. Andrew has been in the business of IT for 30+ years, and has a keen grasp of how IT functions can help businesses, and how these can be leveraged to make sure goals are met.

Recently, Andrew collaborated with business energy provider, Gazprom Energy, on an article looking at how businesses can develop IT functions that support their business goals. In the Q&A-style piece, Andrew offers his insights and expertise on IT best practice, and how small businesses should approach the development and provision of their IT department.

While the complete article is packed with useful information and insights, here are a few of the key takeaways from Andrew which can help you rethink your IT functions and make sure they’re fit for your business:

For more IT management tips and advice from Andrew, click here to read the article in full.

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