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Contactless Payments Advice

15 October 2015

As there has been a lot of press recently about contactless and Apple Pay, we hope you find the following information useful.

Currently contactless can be accepted on HTEC’s Gempay 2 and their latest generation Gempay 3, the latest Sagepay software on Oracle, Point Four and CBE systems along with the standalone Sagepay Vx820 terminal.

The HTEC HydraPOS also accepts contactless through the GPS payment switch.

Please contact your POS provider if you don’t currently have contactless and would like it enabled.

The limit for contactless was raised recently from £20 to £30, but at the same time Visa introduced an authorisation limit for anything above £15. In theory the customer should see no difference, except in the unusual circumstances where a transaction above £15 is declined, a different method of payment should be sought when this happens.

Contactless transactions do not provide a customer receipt by default, so customers will have to ask for receipts if they need one.

There are lots of benefits to you when taking contactless such as:

Apple Pay

Once you are contactless enabled you are also able to accept Apple Pay which is treated by the terminal as a normal contactless card. The transaction receipt is on the Apple device when the transaction is completed.

The additional exciting part of Apple Pay is the ability to pay for items more than £30 using the contactless method. This is designated as a High Value Payment and needs a secondary authentication method, either a thumb print or PIN on the iPhone itself. For these transactions it is the card issuer that carries the risk, not the retailer. Secondary authentication is known as Consumer Device Cardholder Verification Method (CDCVM) and is considered by the bank as equivalent to Chip and PIN authentication. You find more information by visiting the apple here

An important part of Apple Pay is that the card number is not used or stored, instead a form of tokenisation is used to keep the information safe. If an iPhone is lost or stolen the Apple Pay element is cancelled, not the card information registered to the device.

For more information about Apple Pay there is some good information on the Visa website here.

There are other devices that can act as a contactless payment method, Barclays bPay is one, and there are rumours of more, Samsung Pay is one. Once you have the contactless ability all of these will work.

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