Real time wetstock monitoring is a win for Westrope

16 November 2018

If it wasn’t for Suresite Wetstock’s real time fuel monitoring, an Essex forecourt could have been faced with a hefty repair bill and significant down time.

Thanks to Wetstock Live, a potentially serious problem with a diesel tank was reported to the site within half an hour of the system picking it up.

This allowed Westrope Fuel Station to call in an engineer before the issue became more critical, saving a more costly repair and loss of sales down the line.

On inspection of the tank, the engineer found one of the filters had been damaged by a stone lodged in the under pump valve. Though there was no leakage outside of the tank, it was causing significant drain back of fuel, erratic fuel delivery for customers and increased stress on the motor.

The engineer reported that without such prompt action, the motor could eventually have failed.

Dan Gibson, wetstock manager, said: “My team came into the office at 8am and their first task, as always, was to go through the critical reports.

“Before 8.30am, a team member had picked up on a significant drain back – 52 litres over 90 minutes – in one of the diesel pumps.

“By analysing the live data, we were able to deduce that at 7.54am that morning, a customer had abandoned a transaction after 98 seconds as no fuel had been delivered.

“For each further transaction, we could see the suction line being re-primed causing a variance between the amount of fuel delivered into the vehicle and the volume leaving the tank”.

“With no external signs of the trouble brewing inside, it was only our ready access to data that allowed us to flag up a problem whilst it was still in its infancy.”

Dave Dollin, Site owner, at the Haverhill forecourt said: “We have been a customer of Suresite Wetstock for two years and have always been appreciative of the high accuracy of fuel level monitoring they offer us.

“It provides us with great reassurance that our fuel levels are being so accurately assessed 24 hours a day and that experts are on hand to interpret the constant stream of data that our tanks provide and what the implications of any anomalies might be.

“The speed with which they were able to deal with this incident has made us even bigger fans – not that we needed convincing.”

Following the engineer’s visit, the Wetstock team has reported that flow rates have returned to normal and there is no further sign of drain back.

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