Card payment processing options

Card Payment Options

Suresite Card Services can offer a very wide range of payment options; ranging from a simple convenience store bank card terminal, through to a bespoke payments service for a multinational fuel forecourt brand. We work with a large number of local retailers and merchants across the UK, who are benefiting from using the Suresite Card Processing Services.

Card processing made easy
We will pre-complete all the necessary documentation including all contracts ready for you to review and sign.

Card Processing Savings

Suresite offer a range of different processing fee structures and settlement options to meet your specific business requirements.

Cost Comparison
Use our FREE cost comparison tool to compare your current charges with our card processing fees and show the results in an open and honest manner. Simply click the button below and follow the instructions.

Free Cost Comparison

We will be happy to advise you regarding which options would best suit your business to ensure that you have the very best service possible.

card payment procession solutions

Card Processing Services

Card processing for retailers
Suresite offer a range of low cost card payment processing options from convenience store and beauty store card terminals, to a bespoke payment service for a multinational fuel forecourt brand.

Unbeatable savings
Due to the scale of our business we can offer huge savings on card processing over our competitors, whist maintaining the best level of customer service for every single customer.

Customer portal
Our card services portal will enable you to view your invoices and access a wide range of reports whenever you want, making it easier for you to manage your business. Reports include: invoice history, to help you monitor all your fees and outgoings, a polling report, to manage our settlement dates, help guides tailored to your business and Email reminders when your invoices are ready to view.

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A large number of retailers and merchants across the UK are taking advantage the low cost card processing solutions from Suresite. If you are looking to save on card processing, then contact us today. Call: 01772 790 901 or fill in our contact form.