Basic first aid

Would your staff know what to do if someone needed first aid?

Thousands of people are involved in incidents every year in the UK, and a huge number of these incidents happen in the workplace. Many deaths can be prevented by giving first aid before emergency services arrive. Would you know what to do or feel confident if someone needed first aid? Would your employees know?

Our Basic First Aid eLearning Module will provide users with a basic knowledge of first aid practices and techniques. It is a useful tool to introduce your employees to First Aid and ensure that they know how to tackle emergency situations. With this eLearning course, you can make your workplace a safer environment for your employees and enable them to act as soon as incidents happen – potentially saving their lives.

This course provides awareness education and should be followed by face to face training for any staff who are adopting the First Aid position within the organisation.

Learning outcome

This module will enable the user to become familiar with First Aid concepts or consolidate current knowledge.

Target audience

This course is suitable for any user.

Learning objective

The user will:

Course outline


The module covers the key information surrounding First Aid Provision extracted from the following government legislation and trading standard authorities:
Health and Safety at Work Act (1974)

Course overview

Study time is 2-3 hours, with the ability to stop and start when required
PC/Laptop/Tablet/Smartphone with an internet connection and is all that is required to study
Cost: £30.00 (ex/VAT) per course, per trainee.

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