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Suresite process all major card types and provide an efficient, cost-effective card acquisition service for the forecourt and related businesses. With high footfall from both petrol and grocery customers and with many sites operating 24 hours a day, it was imperative that Suresite chose a connectivity partner capable of handling such high volumes of data.

Following the success of a five-site trial, Suresite signed up for a UK wide area network across the UK. With forecourt retail customers including names like Harvest Energy, Gulf and Jet, Timico connectivity would need to be able to take fast and efficient payments in a fully PCI DSS compliant environment.

As a company which handles millions of card payments across multiple locations and platforms monthly, it was essential that Suresite had exceptionally reliable and robust connectivity.

“It was vital for Suresite to choose a supplier with a fully PCI-compliant set-up. Our forecourt retail customers each process thousands of high value transactions each day so need the guarantees and reassurance that come with a fully secure network meeting payment card data security standards” explains Nick Healy, Director of Suresite Card Services Limited.

Timico is now in the process of rolling out a project to connect Suresite’s fuel station sites via a Timico DSL broadband line into the Suresite network, including an on-site Cisco router. The fully resilient WAN, with firewall, is connected via an IPSEC tunnel and a Timico point to point circuit to FIS Global, the banking and payment technology specialists who take care of the merchant services element of the transactions.

“In meeting Timico, it was clear straightaway that they are not a ‘one-size-fits-all’ network provider. The flexibility they showed in both the network design and delivery stages allowed us the scope to build a future-proofed network within our budgetary constraints, without compromising on quality and reliability” continues Nick.

Suresite’s network is fully managed and monitored by Timico 24 hours a day, 365 days a year from its purpose-built Network Operations Centre based in the company’s Nottinghamshire data centre. Real time, in-depth performance statistics are available for all elements of the network, including the onsite Cisco routers.

All information visible to Timico’s engineers is also available to Suresite’s IT team using Timico’s online portal, enabling the teams to work together on a swift resolution to any issues.

Suresite’s network is fully managed and monitored by Timico 24 hours a day, 365 days a year

The DSL connection allows Suresite to offer petrol station staff access to the internet instore, across the same connection as payments are taken, through the use of a VLAN. Each store is given a choice of broadband package, allowing for a bespoke solution based on each individual unit’s network speed requirements.

Timico invoices Suresite with a detailed cost centre set-up, showing each petrol station on the network as a separate site which helps ease the administrative burden of onward invoicing.

Suresite has seen an improvement in the speed of transaction processes and has already experienced a 50 per cent reduction in calls to its helpdesk from petrol retailers reporting connectivity issues. With an average of 100,000 transactions a day across Suresite’s petrol customer sites, at a typical value of £4M, retail staff need to be able to remain focused on their customers, keeping queues to a minimum and ensuring payments are taken quickly and efficiently.

“We received very positive feedback on the robustness of Timico’s service from the outset. The demands are such within a retail environment that however hi-tech your EPOS or other instore kit is, without the underlying guarantee of always-on connectivity, it will be next to useless in supporting the customer experience” concludes Nick.