Restructuring at Suresite Group Ltd

15 November 2018

We are better together

After a sustained period of business development and expansion, we are undergoing a restructuring process that will enable us to sustain our double digit growth.

This strategic realignment will see Suresite Group Ltd evolve into a leaner and more efficient company, even better placed for innovation and able to consistently deliver excellence in a fast changing world. It goes without saying that first class customer service will remain at the top of our agenda.

Suresite began trading in 1994 to provide H&S assessments and audits to forecourts. In 2004 we launched our payment card processing service and in 2014, added training to our capabilities. Two years ago, Suresite Wetstock became a reality and quickly gained a foothold in the UK market. Working closely with Leighton O’Brien we have seen growth not only across Europe, but also into South Africa and most recently into America.

Until now, the four Suresite companies have operated semi-independently. This has resulted in considerable duplication of effort and we have missed opportunities to share knowledge and expertise and to fully collaborate.

Our new Group approach will see our administrative function centralised. This will reduce costs, whilst fostering better communication and improving overall efficiency.

To support the growth of the Group, there will be significant investment in both our sales & marketing and IT departments. Channeling spending towards these areas is essential for our future development and we believe now is absolutely the right time to forge head.

Where possible, we have been able to offer full time contracts to some of our self-employed consultants. The job security and personal benefits that accompany these contracts bond them closer to the business and our customers. They also demonstrate our confidence in the Group’s continuing growth. Rapid advances in ICT and AI mean that every modern workplace is re-evaluating the core competencies it requires of its employees. Across the globe, there is a reducing need for administrators and an ever-growing demand for higher level skills including data analysis, negotiation, business strategy, product and service innovation and ICT.

Whilst artificial intelligence can bring enormous productivity benefits to businesses, companies must not lose sight of the importance of the human touch. At Suresite Group Ltd, exemplary customer service is our USP.

Our service levels remain our greatest source of pride and we can guarantee that throughout this period of change, the needs of our customers will always come first. Your calls will always be answered by real, friendly human beings and named account managers will continue to take care of your business.

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