Wetstock management for fuel suppliers

04 June 2018

Suresite, the UK leader in compliance, risk management and health & safety training for the forecourt industry, now includes wetstock management and consultancy for fuel distributors and suppliers within its portfolio. Suresite’s wetstock management solution is recognised as a market leader in detecting any loss of productivity in real time with no in-built delay, providing improved stock control and delivery planning for operators and safe in the knowledge that expert support is only a phone call away.

“In a very positive sense, the standard of wetstock management demanded by legislation and guidelines is being pushed up like never before,” explains Dan Gibson Wetstock Manager, Suresite Ltd. “The expectations placed upon suppliers and the implications of non-conformity are potentially catastrophic. Whilst tankage in oil depots, unlike the forecourt sector, is predominantly above ground, the challenges are similar; to combat leaks and fuel losses through theft.”

The Suresite wetstock management solution also provides the industry with zero tolerance to water, the catalyst for accelerated tank corrosion due to modern fuel formulations.

“Biofuels and ultra-low sulphur products have turned the tank maintenance rules upside down,” continues Gibson. “Microbial activity, facilitated by the presence of water, is causing acidic secretions that attack metal components in the wet and dry space of the tank.”

“Acceptance of any water in the latest formulation fuels could create very costly problems for operators further down the line. The goal has to be zero tolerance, the Suresite solution means that a water reading will trigger a liquid level alert as it occurs, and we will take immediate action to remedy this.”

“The value of live monitoring lies with its inherent accuracy when compared with dependency upon an ATG alarm. Access to real time data and accurate remote continuous leak analysis is now the global standard. Our technology partner, Leighton O’Brien, is experiencing a huge take-up, particularly across the Asia-Pacific region, Japan and the United States.”

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