Suresite ready for blue book changes

03 May 2018

The latest update of ‘The Blue Book’ by the Association for Petroleum and Explosives Administration (APEA) and Service Station Panel of The Energy Institute (EI), released earlier this week, states that it will be a fundamental expectation of any forecourt operator with single-skin pipes or tanks to implement wetstock management going forward.

Suresite, the foremost wetstock management supplier to the forecourt industry, has anticipated the new regulations and, working alongside partners Leighton O’Brien, a global market leader in leak detection, Wetstock management and fuel polishing technologies, introduced a practical system which provides effective monitoring and peace of mind for operators to help manage alarms, fuel levels and compliance.

“This may sound like a nightmare for smaller forecourts in terms of administration and costs, but it need not be,” explains Dan Gibson, Wetstock Manager, Suresite. “Suresite is ready to offer expert advice and guidance supported by low cost, effective monitoring to meet these new guidelines.”

“Our Wetstock system detects any loss of productivity and enables operators to improve stock control and delivery planning, safe in the knowledge that Suresite’s team of dedicated experts are only a phone call away.”

“In a very positive sense, the standard of wetstock management is being pushed up like never before. Forecourt operators should be mindful that expectations on them are increasing and the implications of non-conformance are potentially catastrophic. Suresite has the knowledge and expertise to provide a monitoring system that is fit for purpose without placing an unnecessary financial burden on any business.”

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