Countdown to the launch of Suresite Wetstock

07 November 2016

Countdown to Suresite Wetstock Launch at APEA LIVE 2016

Suresite are celebrating the official launch of their Wetstock Service at this year’s APEA LIVE 2016.

Having spent 3 years in development with partners Leighton O’Brien, and following extensive trials, Suresite have now begun providing Wetstock to a range of customers, including major oil distributors and independent groups.

Each customer has the opportunity to receive a range of preventative maintenance solutions, increased analytics and better compliance through the first truly ‘Live’ service in the UK.

“I’ve been involved in Wetstock for over 20 years and Suresite’s launch is a really exciting event to be a part of. Working with Leighton O’Brien has ensured we are able to offer unprecedented levels of accuracy and the highest levels of compliance in the marketplace. Pair this with our intelligent, data-driven alerts and it’s easy to see how our customers can benefit” – Dan Gibson, Wetstock Manager.

Join us at Stand D16 on 24th November to find out for yourself how Suresite Wetstock can assist your site operations.

More information on the APEA event, including ticket information, can be found on the APEA website here.

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