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27 July 2015

We have just seen a beautiful thank you letter from St Gemma’s Hospice sent to us via the Garforth Wheelers. The Garforth Wheelers have been raising money for the Hospice and thought a ride from Garforth in Leeds to Paris in just three days would be a great idea to help boost funds. Most of the group riding (19) where novice riders so this was a real challenge for all involved. As part of the fundraising a donation on one of the holes was asked for during a Golf Day and this raised £150. David Wright our resident ‘golfer’, well he can least hit the ball, played the round and managed to hold his own. As part of our continued commitment to good causes Suresite matched the £150 raised, and we are pleased to announce that other companies have since followed suit.

The Hospice has daily running cost in excess of £24,000 so annual cost are close to £9m, so any further help a reader of this article can give is gratefully received. Please either go to the Garforth Wheelers Just Giving page or contact the Hospice directly on 0113 2185580

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