Cathy Retires after 13 years of Service

11 May 2015

Retirements are a happy occasions for the person with a lifetime of relaxation ahead, but they are also sad for the friends and colleagues they leave behind.  Cathy Thompson has been with Suresite for over 13 years and has seen the company grow from a small office, working with Geoff (Chairman) and his wife, to a Group of companies delivering services to the whole of the UK and Ireland, now employing 25 people and 16 self employed assessors.

Cathy has been through every change we can think of, exciting times of growth, three office moves due to expansion, and has supported the team through the tough times of which there have been a few. However, it is now time for Cathy to turn off the PC, hang up the phone, set the mouse to one side and spend more time with her family. Home life has brought Cathy grandchildren these last few months, and with Simon (her husband) busy at work on the farm Cathy is looking forward to a busier retirement than employment could ever have provided.

Cathy, everyone at Suresite wishes you a very long and happy retirement, we are going to miss you but if you are ever passing the kettle and biscuits will always be ready.


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