A Truly Real-Time Service

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The industry interpretation of ‘real-time’ has many interpretations. ‘Real-Time’ has involved collecting dip readings and transactions throughout the day and storing these before polling them overnight ready for analysis the following morning. This can lead to undetected leaks during that period as ATG’s cannot be relied upon to send an alarm.

Truly Real Time

Unlike traditional Wetstock analysis, Suresite Wetstock uses a near continuous stream of data and analyses this every five minutes, using every transaction and dip reading taken up to every fifteen seconds at site. The data would begin to show a loss within minutes – there would be no need to wait for an ATG alarm to flag.

Reduce false readings

We normalise all tank data as it reaches our system, which allows us to generate a bespoke strapping table for each tank, without the need to go near your tank gauges. Furthermore, we don’t rely on an ATG alarm for stock and water level alerts, as they can be incorrectly configured, faulty or even inactive. Instead, we monitor the data itself, which allows for an alert to be raised only when it needs to be.

Your data in safe hands

Suresite are experts in the processing of data – we process over 5 million card payments each month, which are required to meet the highest levels of security under PCI compliance. All our infrastructure conforms to a very high internal standard of delivery, and is transmitted over secure protocols.

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