A legal requirement of any business with five employees or more (including the owner) is to conduct and regularly review a site risk assessment.

Our detailed approach to understanding risk is designed to not only safeguard staff, customers and contractors but also to ensure potential hazards are highlighted and corrected before they pose a problem.

The process:

The Risk Assessment is provided in various modules to suit your business. Our views regarding risk often differ from other peoples in that for us the focus should always be on identifying and preventing any potential hazard – rather than simply seeking to rectify the damage. As they say, prevention is better than cure.

Our team will visit your place of business to complete an in depth assessment of areas such as:

Musculo-skeletal Injury – We assess locations throughout your sites including but not limited to: offices, receptions, forecourts, landscaped areas, shops and workshops.

Fire – An examination of all the potential issues in relation to fire is undertaken. This covers the provision in place for the ability of a safe exit and any potential for ignition.

Environmental – We will provide advice and assistance on the reduction of environmental effects from hazardous substances and the damage these can cause to people using your site. All of our recommendations take into account any relevant regulation.

Property – We also provide assessment of risks to your site from a security standpoint, covering risks such as theft, vandalism and violence. We offer detailed advice on how best to mitigate these risks and improve your site’s security procedures.

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