The seeds that you plant.

As a Suresite Consultant nothing gives you more confidence when visiting a Petrol site than being met by a member of staff who clearly knows their job and is aware of what is expected at a petrol filling station, this can only come from good training.

Training gives a person the knowledge and confidence to carry out a task efficiently and effectively, and as such benefits the site as a whole.

Training can start with general forecourt training that may include something as simple and straight forward as how to use the tannoy to speak to customers on the forecourt. Once the basics are known you can then move on to Operating and Emergency procedures and for those who will be assisting with deliveries, Competent Persons training.

A site owner has many things to spend money on but Training and Knowledge for their staff must be money well spent and as Robert Louis Stevenson once said –
“Don’t judge each day by the harvest you reap but by the seeds that you plant”.   
Author: Rob Hughes – Suresite Consultant for North Wales and the North west

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