Celebrating our 20 year anniversary at Suresite

The 1st of April marks the beginning of a fantastic achievement for Suresite. 20 years ago, Geoff and Chris Oldham (front centre) started the business and through expert knowledge, passion and plenty of hard-work the business is continuing to thrive and grow every day


Geoff and Chris Oldham

Founders and Co-owners Geoff and Chris Oldham with their commemorative decanter

In appreciation of our 20 year anniversary, the staff at Suresite dressed up for the occasion as Geoff and Chris were presented with a commemorative decanter to mark the brilliant achievement. The day also marked a special milestone for our senior administrator Cathy Thompson who is the longest standing employee with the company – undoubtedly a wonderful achievement. Each and every member of staff also received a special gift as a thank you for working hard for the company


Chris and Geoff Oldham with Cathy Thompson

Chris & Geoff Oldham with the long serving Cathy Thompson

Huge congratulations must go to both Geoff and Chris, Cathy and all the Suresite staff who have made 20 years of Suresite possible. The celebrations will go on throughout the year so look out for more news and updates on the upcoming events. For now, here are a few more pictures of the office celebrating 20 years in business.

Geoff Oldham and Keith Bevan (Business Development Manager)

Geoff Oldham and Keith Bevan (Business Development Manager)